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March Report

March Report

Check out my January and February reports to see how I’ve grown! 

Eek! I am super stoked! Despite not having a ton of new posts and us being out of town for the first part of the month – the blog far surpassed any expectations for March!

Check it out!

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Some Highlights

Unique Visitors (that’s people who’ve NEVER visited Camp Greta before!): 1,247

Pageviews: 4,316

The blog was visited by 57 different countries in March!

Top Posts

Don’t Throw That Away – Uses for Laundry Detergent

FREE Easter & Spring Printables

FREE Things to do {with kids} in Seattle

What I’ve Learned Since Leaving Facebook

Don’t Throw That Away – Uses for Egg Cartons

Where did my traffic come from?

Facebook (this is great, considering I’m not even on Facebook!)

Google, organic searches




What helped me reach these goals?

I’ve worked really hard on SEO – as you can see, a lot of my traffic has come through searches, mainly though Google.

Do you see that BIG SPIKE on March 15th? Someone found my blog by googling ‘laundry container doll house’ and my Don’t Throw That Away Laundry Detergent Container post was shared on Facebook. That day the blog got 346 visits, most from Denmark and Germany! The previous day I only had 15 visits, lol! And then on March 21st, I got a lot of traffic on the FREE Things to do {with kids} in Seattle. Since then, as you can see, my traffic has been holding steady!

Did I make any money?

Yes! Ok, $1.00 through my affiliate Choke Shirt Co. through! And $0.53 through Adsense… which I am still trying to figure out.

What else?

I have added a few more affiliates:

PicMonkey - this is where I edit all of my pictures. I have Photoshop and Illustrator, but hey, PicMonkey  is EASY TO USE!

GoDaddy - this is a site where you can find domain (website) names and they also offer hosting!

Zazzle - we’ve used their printing services for lots of projects here and there and I was thinking I’ll do a project soon that would include them!

I thought that being gone for the first part of March would negatively affect the site’s traffic, but it seems I made up for it in the second part of the month – so I’m super happy/relieved about that. The FREE Easter & Spring Printables post was one that I had been working on since February, so I’m pleased it has been doing very well!

I’m still having a lot of fun with my blog so I’m just going to keep on posting!

What Are My Goals for April?

I want to do one more huge Don’t Throw That Away posts. Those seem to do really well and it’s fun putting together collections of reusable items. But, of course… they are a LOT of work.

This sounds ambitious, but my goal is to have 1,500 Unique Visitors for the month of April!

I didn’t make this goal last month, so it’s back on the list – I want to have an updated photo for my About Me section. We are planning a family photo shoot with my girlfriend, Cassandra, over at Unschooling Travelers, so this should be accomplished soon!

It would also be nice to increase my Returning Visitor percentage. Not exactly sure how to accomplish that because I’m so new, but I’ll just throw that out there.

I’d also like to increase my blog subscriptions. So if you haven’t done so already, please go to CampGreta and sign up at the top of the page!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me and the blog – it sure means a lot. I appreciate all the Facebook shares, repins, and tweets! Thanks for keeping it fun, guys!

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