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Don’t Throw That Away – Uses for Egg Cartons

Don’t Throw That Away – Uses for Egg Cartons

A phrase often heard around our household is, ‘Don’t throw that away!’ Ok, it’s usually ME yelling those words to my husband. But hey, I have projects lined up for those things. Or… maybe I don’t have an actual plan for them yet, but, if repurposed, they’re useful for SOMETHING! RIGHT? YES!

So I’m beginning a series called Don’t Throw That Away to share with you creative, fun, and useful ways to repurpose ordinary items that may otherwise end up in the garbage,recycling, or compost.

Here are several uses for egg cartons!

More EGGS!

You can save them and bring them back to the grocery store to fill up those same cartons with eggs from the bulk section.

You can also save up a bunch of them and exchange cartons for fresh eggs with a neighbor or friend who has egg-laying hens!

When we moved from a house to an apartment, the WebMister said we had to get rid of all our Egg Cartons – I found someone on Craiglist who wanted to barter Eggs for Egg Cartons. Not only did we get FREE Eggs, he also gave us a tour of his backyard where we got to see all his hens, roosters, ducks, and bee farm. (We ended up taking home some raw honey too!)

Just for Fun!

Why not create an easy Mancala game board using an Egg Carton?

Here’s a video tutorial for another, easy Egg Carton Game.


For easy, cheap desk organization, we have just slid an opened egg carton in the desk drawer and stuck all those odds and ends that just seem to collect like paper clips, push pins, and twist-ties. You can even paint these for an added splash of color in your office!

Jewelry storage is another great use for Egg Cartons.

Consider organizing some sewing notions an opened Egg Carton. Buttons, pins, bobbins and small scissors for easy access like this one here.

Ribbon Organization or twine, yarn, or hemp rope!

Ribbon organizer with egg carton DIY uses for egg cartons


There’s endless amount of things to sort in egg cartons. Here are some ideas if you’re feeling stuck!

Why not sort coins to look for ones that might have more than face value? Here’s a guide to help you through this.

Consider going to the beach or a hike with an egg carton and sorting found objects by shape, color, or interest.

Children love to sort! Here’s a wonderful Egg Carton Sorting activity for little ones.


Egg Cartons are compostable, so they are an ideal way to begin seedlings.

What about using the egg shells AND the Egg Cartons to create an artful small plant display.

Egg carton Garden with plants DIY Uses for egg cartons


We’ve made these DIY Beeswax Firestarters before using Egg Cartons and wrapping them nicely for a thoughtful winter gift.

Over at, shares a few Egg Carton Craft Tutorials like an Owl Mask, a Flower Gift Bow, another Gift Bow.

Egg Carton Flower Gift Bow DIY Tutorial Uses for Egg Cartons

Check out my Raw Mint and Chocolate-covered Macaroons recipe – they were they perfect size for filling an egg carton and made a wonderful (portion-controlled) gift for our neighbors!

raw, mint, chocolate-covered, macaroons, recipe, healthy, gluten free, paleo, yummy, tasty, the best, gift, thoughtful, egg cartons, upcycle, reuse, portion-control


Here’s an easy Snowman video tutorial - this one is really pleasing to watch because of her french accent!

Put those Christmas tree lights to more good use – why not make  Egg Carton Flower Lights?

Here’s a wonderful tutorial for an Egg Carton Wreath.

Egg Carton Wreath, Tutorial, DIY, Uses for Egg Cartons, Reuse, Recycle

Here’s just one more easy – very good – video tutorial for an Egg Carton Wreath!

Feeling Super Ambitious?

Just go all out and made an Egg Carton House!

Egg Carton House DIY Uses for Egg Cartons

Check out this video – maybe you’d like to make your own Egg Carton personal plane to go with that house?

And then go ahead and make these Artsy Egg Carton Stools for your new Egg Carton home! This guy came across 100 egg trays (those are the kinds you get from buying in bulk) and built one stool. Then, after scouring the city, he found enough to make a set of six stools. He spray painted them and bound them together with burlap and rope. I thought this would be a fun projects to do with friends some day – invite six friends over and everyone can make their own stool. But I think we’ll have to wait until we move out of our cramped apartment for that one!

Egg Carton Stools DIY Repurpose Don't Throw That Away


What is the most creative way you’ve used Egg Cartons? What’s another way to use them that are not included in this collection? Let me know in the comments below! 

Looking for more Don’t Throw That Away ideas? Check out my other post:

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  1. Cassandra

    February 4, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    What fun ideas!! I sometimes save egg cartons for my kids to draw on and make “caterpillars,” (cut the top off, then cut the bottom part in half so they each have one) but I usually put them in the recycle and I always cringe just knowing I could repurpose them instead! I never knew what else to do with them though. Thanks for all these ideas!


    • Greta

      February 5, 2014 at 12:18 pm

      Thanks, Cassandra! A Caterpillar is such a cute idea! Maybe I’ll add that to the list!


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